Printing services

Printing services

Knowing the nuances of professional printing industry “from within”, we select an appropriate equipment for each order, ensuring not only the highest printing quality but also the optimal use of funds. In this way we realize a balanced budget for each assigned task.
Careful approach to the preparation of layouts, deep knowledge of prepress technologies, as well as profound experience of our professionals exclude the possibility of defective work as early as on the stage of negotiating layouts with the client.

Constant monitoring of the printing market for new installations allows us to assure our clients that their projects will be printed on the most modern and high-tech equipment found in Russia, and the quality of the result will always be guaranteed. The final result is often achieved ahead of the declared production time. You will be pleasantly surprised to receive product ahead of schedule.
Over the past decade, thousands of layouts have been created by our experts, as well as hundreds of creative works and several million copies of various products: catalogs, brochures, booklets, leaflets, various POS-materials, life size figures, packaging and labels.

We can be proud of the range of our customers:

– GROHE (variety of printed products, POS-materials, life size figures, packaging)
– SUBARU (all sorts of printed matter, POS-materials)
– PIRELLI (catalogs, brochures, flyers, POS-materials for tire packages, labels for tires)
– SONY (all sorts of printed matter, POS-materials)
– HITACHI (catalogs, brochures, flyers, POS-materials)
– ORION CHOCO PIE (flyers, POS-materials)
– DAEWOO (catalogs, POS-materials)
and many other companies.

Personal approach and attention to each detail are the peculiar features that distinguish us from many other advertising agencies.


Pirelli – catalog of summer tires

Pirelli – catalog of summer tires
Client: Pirelli
Job: Our team of designers composed and produced the Pirelli Catalog of summer tires. The Catalog is fully consistent with the standards presented in the Pirelli Brand Book. We printed the Catalog on thick 250 gr. paper with spot UV varnish enveloped in matt laminated cover. The ready edition was fully provided logistically and shipped to the customer warehouse within the stipulated time.
Circulation: 10,000 copies.


Candy washing machines

Client: Candy
Job: The Catalog was drawn up in 2007 on the basis of an updated brand book. We provided the print work and full logistics.
Circulation: 5000 copies.


Sony catalog of a new range of headphones

Client: Sony Electronics
Job: Our designers developed a new catalog from scratch. Two editions were printed for the client. All work on our part was fully provided logistically and shipped to the customer’s warehouse.
Circulation: 50,000 copies.


Grohe shower bath equipment

Client: Grohe AG
Job: This catalog presents adaptation of foreign materials for Russian specialists. The edition was printed and logistically accompanied.
Circulation: 10,000 copies.


The Radonezh travel directory

Client: Radonezh Travel Agency
Job: Produce a Catalog-Schedule of Tourist Trips. Work out the design and layout of the Catalog from scratch. Print and deliver the whole edition to the client’s office.
Circulation: 50,000 copies.


New line of SUBARU 2014

Job: Produce a brochure showing a new range of 2014 Subaru vehicles.



Job: Produce a brochure demonstrating the new 2014 Subaru Forester model.


Grohe F-Digital

Client: GROHE AG
Job: Prepare special materials for professionals in a brochure that is intended for distribution at trade shows, sales points, and special events.


Work out layouts, design and printing of all brochures

Client: ALL
Job: Design, layout and printing of booklets.


Grohe Notebook

Client: GROHE AG
Job: Special order for sketchbooks to be distributed among professionals attending advanced training courses.


Dear Colleagues, please note: Our Agency does not specialize in small print runs and piece products. The minimum print run is about 500 copies.

Layout, design and printing calendars and greeting cards

Client: ALL