Our advertising agency appeared on the Russian market in 1999. Since then our company has been rapidly growing and gained invaluable experience in working with major international brands. This enables us to effectively implement high quality promotional projects of any complexity in almost any business sector. Presently, the MNE&SS Advertising Agency offers to our clients high quality complex advertising solutions. The biggest asset of our agency is its employees. In 15 years, our company has accumulated an outstanding team of professionals that you may be confident in as if they were your close friends. Personalized approach and consideration to every detail are the particular features that distinguish the MNE&SS Advertizing Agency from among many other companies. Over the years, we have been honored to collaborate on a regular basis with the leading global brands in various areas of advertising business.


The limited liability company MNES, a legal entity that is registered and is acting under the laws of the Russian Federation, hereinafter referred to as “MNES”, in the person of General Director Stepanov Maksim Aleksandrovich, acting on the basis of the Charter on the one side, and
The limited liability company _______ a legal entity that is registered and is acting under the laws of the Russian Federation, hereinafter referred to as “Partner”, in the person of General director ___ , acting on the basis of the Charter on the other,
together known as Parties, and individually as Party have concluded the present Addendum as follows:

MNES expects all of its employees to comply with the law and act ethically at all times and in all matters. We have the same expectations of our suppliers. Our
Code of Business Conduct sets the basic standards for employee conduct. This Supplier Code of Business Conduct establishes related requirements for our
suppliers. This Code contains general requirements applicable to and expected from all MNES suppliers. Particular supplier contracts may contain more specific provisions addressing some of the same issues. Nothing in this Code is meant to supersede any more specific provision in a particular contract, and to the extent there is any inconsistency between this Code and any other provision of a particular contract, the other provision will prevail. As a MNES supplier you are expected to demonstrate clearly that you comply with
all applicable national and international laws and regulations. This applies especially to the following requirements, but is not limited to:

1. Fair business conduct.
A MNES supplier’s business conduct is based on integrity, trustworthiness and reliability.

2. Conflicts of Interest
All MNES employees should act in the best interest of the company. Accordingly, employees should have no relationship (financial or otherwise) with any supplier that might conflict or appear to conflict with the employee’s obligation to act in the best interest of MNES (e.g. suppliers should not employ or otherwise make payments to any MNES employee during the course of business between the supplier and MNES). Friendships outside the course of business are acceptable, but suppliers should ensure that any personal relationship is not used to influence any MNES employee’s business judgment. If an employee of a MNES supplier is a family relation (spouse, parent, child etc.) to a MNES employee or if a supplier has any other personal relationship with a MNES employee that might represent a conflict of interest, the supplier should disclose this fact to MNES or ensure that the MNES employee does so (this is the suppliers responsibility).

3. Anti Trust.
As a MNES supplier you do not share or exchange competitive information (e.g., price, cost) or undertake collusive conduct with any third party, supplier or bidder to MNES.

4. Gifts, Meals and Entertainment.
MNES employees are prohibited from accepting anything more than modest gifts, meals and entertainment from suppliers. Ordinary business meals and small tokens of appreciation (e.g. confectionary at holiday time etc.) are acceptable, but suppliers should avoid offering MNES employees any travel gifts, extensive entertainment or any other expensive gifts. Also, cash or cash equivalents, such as gift cards, are not acceptable to MNES.

5. Business and Financial Records.
Suppliers are expected to keep accurate records of all matters related to the business with MNES. This includes proper recording of all expenses and payments. If MNES is being charged for a supplier employee’s time, accurate and complete time records must be kept. Suppliers should not delay submission of invoices or otherwise enable the shifting of expenses to a different accounting period.

6. Protecting Information and Property.
Suppliers should respect others’ patents, trademarks and property rights and protect it against loss or infringement. They should only use their business
partners’ property, especially MNES property, for the purpose which it was provided for and protect it against damage and misuse. Suppliers should protect confidential information related to MNES and must not share it with anyone at any time unless authorized to do so by MNES. Suppliers may not trade in securities or encourage others to do so, based on confidential information received from MNES. If a supplier believes that access to confidential MNES information has been granted by mistake, this supplier should immediately notify the related contact at MNES and refrain from further distribution of such information, returning the information immediately. Similarly, a supplier should not share information related to any other company with MNES if the supplier is under a contractual or legal obligation not to do so.

7. Improper Payments.
МНЕС expects compliance with local laws
dealing with any form of bribery from all of its suppliers. In connection with any transaction as a МНЕС supplier or any transaction that otherwise involves МНЕС, the supplier must not transfer anything of value, directly or indirectly to any third party or any third party employee in order to obtain improper benefits and/or advantages.

8. Working Conditions.
Hiring practices should be in compliance with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Conventions of the United Nations (UN), especially concerning standards on forced labour (ILO
C29, ILO C105), the minimum age (ILO C138) and child labour (ILO C182). Suppliers should provide fair and equal treatment and foster a culture of respect, tolerance and diversity (ILO C100, ILO C111). Moreover, they should provide safe, healthy and fair working conditions, fair working hours (ILO C1, C14) and wages and not tolerate any form of discrimination among their employees. Furthermore, suppliers’ employees shall have the right to join workers’ organizations without consequences and to elect their representatives, to organize their administration and activities and to formulate their programs and goals (ILO C87, ILO C98).

9. Environmental sustainability.
All suppliers’ business conduct should be performed in a way that avoids negative effects regarding the environment and complies with applicable laws and regulations.

10. Disclosing Potential Misconduct (“whistleblowing”).
Suppliers who believe that an employee of MNES, or anyone acting on behalf of MNES, has engaged in illegal or otherwise improper conduct, should report the matter to the MNES A supplier’s relationship with MNES will not be affected by an honest report of potential misconduct.
The present Addendum is an integral part of the Contract № dated, and comes into force from the moment it is signed by authorized representatives of both Parties and is valid until all the obligations herein are performed in full. Addendum is made and signed in two equal copies in Russian and English. In case of discrepancies Russian version shall prevail. In the rest that is not stipulated herein the Parties follow the provisions of the contract.

Our Services:

  • Design and production
  • Video production of any complexity
  • Advertising photography
  • Unique and bright creative design
  • Media and the Internet
  • Media planning
  • Media buying
  • Marketing research
  • Advertising and promotion campaigns in the media and over the Internet
  • Outdoor advertising including in transport
  • Indoor advertising, production and distribution of POS-materials
  • Producing SEO GA and SMM websites
  • Printed products
  • All types of printing: broadside, offset, and digital
    Preprint, proofing, all print formats and print complexity
    Exclusive advertising package in the Kosmic bowling network

    The Subaru Motor Company

    The Subaru Motor LLC has cooperated with the MNE&SS Advertising Agency since 2003. For the entire period of our close and fruitful cooperation, the MNE&SS Advertising Agency proved itself to be a team of professionals in the advertising and media markets, and we can’t think of a single case when our partners failed to resolve a complicated situation.
    We very much appreciate their ability and desire to meet the needs of customers and their commitment to achieving joint success.
    Peter Sozinov,
    General Manager of the Subaru Motor LLC

    The SONY Electronics

    For almost a decade of cooperation with the MNE&SS Advertising Agency, it has shown and continues to show its high level of professionalism. Especially I would like to note their understanding of customer needs, efficiency in solving problems, creativity and flexibility. We appreciate our partnership with the MNE&SS and see them as our partners in the future.
    Paul Ryzhenkov,
    Chief, Advertising and Public Relations

    The Markom, LCC
    Someone of you I know personally, and with someone I had the opportunity to communicate in writing. I can only say that YOU are the BEST!!! You are a Super Team! I am happy to work with you.
    Catherine Kurilo,
    Markom Supervisor, Product Marketing Division


    While working with the MNESS Advertising Agency, we have always been confident that the work will be done in time and in accordance with all the requirements specified in the contract for any type of services provided by the agency. High level of customer service, positive attitude, and the ability to respond promptly and competently to all work requests and wishes, guarantee great pleasure in working with this team of professionals.
    Anna Deneva,
    Marketing Communications Manager for Eastern Europe,

    Thai Airways

    The SRJ Holdings Company, General Representative of the Thai Airways International and Israir Airlines, has cooperated with the MNE&SS Advertising Agency for two years. The Agency staff has gained a reputation of a great team of competent and hard-working specialists. We have repeatedly used their expert opinion on design, promotion, and media performance. The Agency has always provided full and timely information, including updated research from the TNS Gallup, recommendations for product promotion and optimization of advertising budget. The Agency leaders are always ready to meet the client and provide additional discounts.
    Natalia Zhirova,
    Marketing Manager

    Advantages of working with our company:

  • We are able to work in a time-saving manner.
  • Operational efficiency:
  • In our company, work is done ASAP. The company structure and staff competence ensure that various kinds of work are done according to a schedule transparent and convenient for our customers.

  • Experience and Professionalism.
  • Long-time and fruitful collaboration with our partners guarantees that the professional level of our employees corresponds to the most demanding requirements. Accumulated experience allows the company to promptly find optimal solutions to the most complicated problems.

  • Objectivity and Independence
  • We see the function of our company to provide the customer with the most objective information that is independent of the viewpoints of advertising platforms and of other parties concerned.
    It is very important that the client has objective and truthful information free of the deceptive veil of advertising noise.

  • High Quality of our Creative Products
  • Views and ideas of our experts regarding the concept for the final product may not coincide with the vision of colleagues from the customer company, which facilitates consideration of problems from all possible viewpoints. As a result, we create the most balanced and nuanced positioning of the advertising material thus ensuring efficient outreach to the target audience.
    Budget Saving and Flexible Financial Conditions
    Long-term stable relations with our partners confirm that the agency is able to offer to our customers the most favorable financial conditions regarding both the total contract cost and the cost of different work stages.