Production and placement of indoor-ads

From its first days, the MNE&SS Agency has operated the indoor-advertising. Our primary goal in this sphere has ever been an effective embodiment of client’s interests in the form of vibrant, innovative advertising and placing it in the most interesting and attractive places for visitors.
Now there is a good deal of competition in the sphere of indoor-advertising. But, unfortunately, most of what we usually see in this field is common and unoriginal. Both within the same premises and on the scale of the city as a whole, all advertising messages look similar to each other and form an unimpressive background. Crowded areas are abundant in inappropriate, randomly mixed colors and shades, bearing little resemblance to a beautiful and elegant shop front.

We disseminate advertising content of high quality only

Our specialists take it as their priority that the indoor-ads should meet special requirements for quality and information content. The MNE&SS Agency offers its clients customized solutions for original indoor-projects. Any type of advertising media: from the most unusual and original to classic posters and light boxes.

Indoor-advertising placements:

We invite you to work with our agency in the field of indoor-advertising

As our client, you will get an original and reasonable concept for ad placement, the best places ensuring the effectiveness of indoor advertising, bright and memorable marketing creativity, and, as a consequence, a great influx of potential customers.


Non-standard advertising structures at the Domodedovo Airport

Client: Russian Alcohol
Brand: Green Mark
Placement: The main terminal building


Advertising in the mirrors

Client: Russian Alcohol
Brand: Parliament
Placement: Restaurants


Creative advertising light-boxes: placement in business centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg

Client: Sony
Brand: Vaio
Placement: Business centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Sony Vaio lightboxes

Client: Sony
Brand: Vaio
Placement: Business centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Client: Subaru
Brand: Forester
Placement: Business centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg


Advertising at checkpoint turnstiles

Client: Grohe AG
Placement: Business Center “Borodino-Plaza” in Moscow


Window dressing for boutiques in the SONY Centre

Client: Sony
Brand: Vaio
Placement: All major cities in Russia

Sony Centre