Premium-class fashion advertising design

Would you like to see people flipping through a magazine stopped by your ad?
Do you want to have a brand you represent on the advertising market look really worthy?
Would you like your clients finding your offer to be the best?

For many years, the MNE&SS Advertising Agency’s design studio has been specializing in finding solutions to these problems. Today, our specialists are ready to offer a design solution that looks both original and highly professional thus ensuring premium class ads for your products.

We employ designers who created superb images for the world brands. Many of the agency ads have been used as a basis for creative design in major advertising campaigns in Europe. Our Advertising Agency offers creative solutions that are used to form guidelines and brand books for leading European and Asian companies.

According to the specialists of our Advertising Agency, a modern graphic advertising design is not just a bright and beautiful picture, it is a full range of activities aimed at drawing attention to the advertised product. And we never forget that a commercial advertising should bring profit. Therefore, organization of work on the advertising design is based on certain rules developed over the years – the project should involve not only designers, but also marketers and copywriters. The scheme of interaction of our specialists, based on the above rules, allows you to quickly create gorgeous and high quality advertising projects.

Advantages of cooperation with the MNE&SS Advertising Agency

If ordering an advertising design in the MNE&SS Agency you will get:

Selected cases

Graphic advertising design

Below are a few iconic design projects of our agency, so that you can evaluate the level of creativity for the advertised products. More detailed information about our products can be found in portfolio.

Sony wireless speakers

Sony wirless speakers.

Advertising design for the Sony. It was necessary to create a genie escaping from the acoustic system at the touch of your smart phone Xperia using the NFC technology.

Walkman NWZ E-050

Walkman NWZ E-050.

Advertising the Sony Walkman. The ad layout shows the advantages of the SensMe technology, which can automatically generate playlists depending on your mood.

Sony Xtra bass XB

Sony Xtra bass XB.

Advertising the Sony headphones. The task was to visually demonstrate the X-Bass technology and active noise cancellation system.

Subaru Tribeca

Subaru Tribeca.

The SUBARU Tribeca advertising model for the press. No creative task was set for this particular ad. It was just necessary to show a nice car.

This slider shows some examples of commercial retouching done by our advertising agency for our customers.

More detailed information on advertising design can be found in the portfolio section.